DVS is uniquely positioned to provide satellite, terrestrial (coastal) and wireless communication services, individually or aggregate into hybrid solutions to fit your specialized needs.


DVS leverages its expertise across satellite, extreme-distance hybrid Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies, to deliver viable and cost-effective solutions for its customers. Our solutions have the scalability and reach to service maritime and land customers, with a wide range of requirements:

  • Maritime VSAT – customers with large fleets operating even in the most remote locations
  • Maritime Emergency Backup – Inmarsat and Iridium
  • Corporate Resilience – critical satellite communication services for city governments, hospitals and financial institutions, unaffected by weather, extended power loss and down cellular networks.

Our global infrastructure includes teleport operations, hub operations and a global network of partners, to ensure worldwide service coverage for maritime and land customers.  DVS provides satellite capacity over C-band, Ku, Ka and L-band, providing comprehensive satellite solutions, combined with coastal hybrid broadband alternatives.


  • VSAT (C-band) with Ku backup and L-band fall-back solutions, for best possible global coverage
  • Hybrid VSAT / Coastal solution – a system to provide flexibility, agility and highly attractive price-performance by using hand-off from VSAT to WiFi, for the most cost-effective routing.  This innovative hybrid solution searches for Least Cost Routing (LCR), with existing VSAT onboard connections, regardless of provider.